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Central Domestic Water Heating Systems

Instead of using an individual hot water sources in each bathroom such as a gas or electric water heater, this solution provides a supply of hot water to all your outlets (bathrooms, kitchen, etc) from a central point where a gas boiler takes care of heating a hot water tank big enough to supply the needed capacity.

This boiler delivers hot water to all the buildings so the hot water pipes for all bathrooms and kitchens are connected to a central pipe.

Benefits Of Central Domestic Hot water System:

  • You’ll get direct hot water once you open the tap.
  • You’ll save on electricity consumption.
  • You’ll save more space in your bathrooms.
  • No visible gas lines in all your hot water outlets.
  • It’s safe.

Central Gas Water Heaters
Ultra Heat’s gas water heaters are designed for superior performance and reliability. They provide a dependable source of hot water at low operational costs, making them an ideal economical choice.


Central Solar Water Heaters
Ultra Heat’s solar water heaters demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. These systems utilize solar energy to provide hot water, reducing reliance on Gas or Electricity and contributing to environmental protection.

Central Electric Water Heaters
Ultra Heat’s electric water heaters efficiently and swiftly provide hot water. With precise control and reliable performance, they offer a convenient and effective Water heating solution.

Instant / Storage Heat Exchanger
Ultra Heat’s Instant / storage heat exchangers conserve and distribute heat efficiently. They feature an intelligent design that saves energy and optimizes heat usage.


Return-line Hot Water Circulating Pumps
Ultra Heat’s circulating pumps provide effective and reliable general heating. These pumps ensure heat circulation throughout the building evenly, achieving optimal fast hot water delivery.

Ultra Heat
The company history market with continued technological research by an aim to furnish with warmth , create innovative solution that respond to requirements for best performance and appearance at the time.


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