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Underfloor Heating system

  • Under floor heating works by Circulating hot water in a closed loop Deliver from a gas boiler through a network of pipes under the floor. the pipes are embedded in the floor, and the heat is emitted evenly throughout the room. This method of heating is known as radiant heat, where the heat is transferred through floors in the room rather than relying solely on convection.

  • Underfloor heating also allows for precise temperature control. Each room can have its own thermostat, enabling you to adjust the heat according to your preferences. This level of control ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Ultra Heat’s underfloor heating systems provide an unobtrusive, comfortable source of heat. They distribute warmth evenly across your feet, creating a cozy environment while also saving energy. This system provides an aesthetic advantage by eliminating the need for visible heating appliances.
Ultra Heat
The company history market with continued technological research by an aim to furnish with warmth , create innovative solution that respond to requirements for best performance and appearance at the time.


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