Central Heating Systems

Central Heating Systems:-

_ Works by  Circulating hot water in a closed loop Deliver from boiler in pipes to  the source of heating on the rooms, there are two sources of heating one of them is Wall mounted radiators and the other is underfloor heating networks that emit heat depending on the theory of heat transfer in the space creating comfortable warmth without drying the air

_ With the central heating system, you will target your home in the winter with the safest roads and without using electricity.

_The system is a water cycle that starts from a point at the Boiler and ends at a point at the Boiler.

_The Boiler works with natural gas, providing hot water for heating and also for home use (for bathrooms and kitchens).

_Italian components

– Central boiler – Ariston

– Under floor heating Giacomini

– Radiators  – Sira , kalis & Imas

– Radiators piping network –  Ivar

*_ Benefits Of Central Heating System

  • Creates a warm atmosphere free from diseases and risks that produced from other heating systems that are dependent on fuel or electricity
  • high quality products
  • effective designs
  • low running cost
  • It is easy to operate & maintenance