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·     Central Domestic Hot water Systems

• Instead of using an individual hot water sources in each bathroom such as a gas or electric water heater, this solution provides a supply of hot water to all your outlets (bathrooms, kitchen, etc) from a central point where a central Hot Water Boiler  takes care of heating a hot water tank big enough to supply the needed capacity.

• This boiler delivers hot water to all the buildings so the hot water pipes for all bathrooms and kitchens are connected to a central pipe.


 You’ll get direct hot water once you open the tap.
• You’ll save on consumption.
• You’ll save more space in your bathrooms.
• No visible gas lines in all your hot water outlets.
• It’s safe.
• Easy To Use
• Easy To Maintenance

·     Central Domestic Hot water Methods

 Gas water heaters
• Solar water heaters
• Electric Water Heater
• Combination Between Gas & Solar Heaters

Central Space Heating System

·     Central Spacing Heating System

• Works by Circulating hot water in a closed loop Deliver from boiler in pipes to the source of heating on the rooms, there are two sources of heating one of them is Wall mounted radiators and the other is underfloor heating networks that emit heat depending on the theory of heat transfer in the space creating comfortable warmth without drying the air.
•With the central heating system, you will target your home in the winter with the safest roads and without using electricity.
• The system is a water cycle that starts from a point at the Boiler and ends at a point at the Boiler.
• The Boiler works with natural gas, providing hot water for heating and also for home use (for bathrooms and kitchens).
• Italian components.

·     Benefits Of Central Heating System

• Creates a warm atmosphere free from diseases and risks that produced from other heating systems that are dependent on fuel or electricity.
• high quality products.
• effective designs.
• low running cost.
• It is easy to operate & maintenance.

·     Central Heating Methods

• Under Floor Heating System 

• The system is installed within the building floor construction, by using Polyethylene multi-layer  pipes specifically manufactured for under floor heating
• they are long lasting & corrosion Proof
• Doesn’t contain single connections under the floor
• it is impossible for a pipes to leak
• installed within the floor in a specific design ensure the Distribution of heat is qual in all the area
• It can be installed in any type of floor construction

• Wall Mounted Radiator’s method

• Radiators can deliver fast efficient heat to all rooms of your house at a low cost, but more importantly, radiators and under floor heating deliver warmth many consider to be healthy, avoiding dry skin itchy skin and parched lips.
• There are variety of designs , brands that satisfy all    customers

• Radiators Piping Network

 Design and implementation of heating network Radiators in order to achieve better efficiency of the system and the devices supplied
• Supply and installation of internal pipe Network work ( polyethylene Multi Layer Isolated Pipes) Supply & Return Lines From Each Radiator to Valves Group In Distribution Manifold ineach floor .
• Supply and installation Distribution Manifolds In Each Floor including
 Galvanized Manifold Cabinet.
 Connection Valves Group In Each Cabinets including Hot water Valves & Return Valves InEach Cabinets.
 Supply and installation of the external pipework (Supply, Return) From Each manifold PanelsTo Heating Boiler
 Hydraulic Test Works Are Necessary To Make Sure That There Are No Leaks At Any Welding Connections

Swimming pool Heating

Think about being able to use your pool or spa at the perfect comfort level any time of the year, Now you can enjoy your pool for recreation, exercise, therapy or just general enjoyment obviously will require heating it throughout the entire year. By heating your pool, you make it possible to engage more often in swimming exercise because you extend the hours and the season your pool may be used.
 American gas water heater
 Italian Gas Water Heater
 local manufacture boiler s ( Gas _ Light oil )


 Ultraheat Provides Its Customers With Free Maintenance Service Available During Warranty Period
 Maintenance contracts Are Available for central heating systems with original spar parts